Stress study paints surprising picture of the lives of horses

by Horse Talk Go to source article » Proper management of horses by humans may be more respectful of their well-being than life in the wilderness, the findings of research suggest. Italian researchers based their findings on an analysis of cortisol levels in horse hair, which is considered an indicator of chronic stress levels. Horse… Continue reading Stress study paints surprising picture of the lives of horses

Can horses love?

Anyone who has ever been loved by a horse will tell you there is no other love like it. Some even claim that the love of a horse is superior in many instances to any level of human love they have ever felt. Yet the question can horses love remains. How do people expert and… Continue reading Can horses love?

National I Love Horses Day 2020

I only have eyes for you. Two horses nudging. Unattributed image.

Today July 15th is National I Love Horses Day. Join us throughout social media celebrating our love for horses using #NationalILoveHorsesDay. We would love to hear from you here why you love horses. What makes them so special? We know there's loads of reasons. Before you go, check out our Look of Love video from… Continue reading National I Love Horses Day 2020

Fun Horse Facts for Kids

Polk Reading with Rescues Program at at Hope Equine Rescue in Winter Haven, Florida.

Hey, it's Patsy, back in the saddle here at Tuesday's Horse. School is in full swing. How about some horse facts for kids first? Horse Facts for Kids • Horses can sleep both lying down and standing up. • Horses can run shortly after birth. • Domestic horses have a lifespan of around 25 years.… Continue reading Fun Horse Facts for Kids

It’s National Smile Week: Do horses smile?

Equus caballus showing teeth. Source:

DO HORSES SMILE? We've already had a bit on do horses laugh. Do horses smile? They look the same to me. But there's more to it than meets the eye. Megan Friendlander writing for Country Living Magazine states: In fact, horses have 17 facial expressions, three more than chimpanzees. For example, horses raise the inner… Continue reading It’s National Smile Week: Do horses smile?

Dennis Brouse Brings New Series to Public TV in January (US)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For more information Contact: Cindy Fisher (515) 453-2108 “Saddle Up with Dennis Brouse” Combines Training Techniques with Heartwarming Stories December 9, 2008, Des Moines, IA—Saddle Up with Dennis Brouse, an exciting new television series that celebrates the relationship between horse and human will be launched in January of 2009. Distributed by… Continue reading Dennis Brouse Brings New Series to Public TV in January (US)

Genetics Of White Horses Unraveled

Genetics Of White Horses Unraveled: One Mutation Makes Ordinary Horses Turn Grey, Then White, Very Young Posted by ScienceDaily online ----------------------------- ScienceDaily (July 23, 2008) — The white horse is an icon for dignity which has had a huge impact on human culture across the world. An international team led by researchers at Uppsala University… Continue reading Genetics Of White Horses Unraveled