Two Petitions, both for Carolina carriage horses

Horse drawn carriage by Charleston Carriage Horse Tours.

Elizabeth Forel notified us of two pending active Petitions concerning carriage horses. Please sign them today, right now while you are thinking about it. 1. Charleston SC 2. Hillsborough, SC As you can see, this is not a New York City problem. It is a problem in many towns and cities across America. 1.… Continue reading Two Petitions, both for Carolina carriage horses

Charleston horse drawn carriage accident prompts renewed call for a ban

Reported by The Charleston Post and Courier by CHRISTINA ELMORE The most recent case of a carriage horse bolting on peninsular Charleston, this time ramming into a woman's home, renewed some residents' cries to ban the animals from toiling on the city's congested streets. Thursday's carriage wreck at 150 Tradd St. resulted in minor injuries… Continue reading Charleston horse drawn carriage accident prompts renewed call for a ban

Spooked horses cause Claus carriage wreck

Question Marks. Tuesday's Horse image.

Why is that these types of incidents seem to occur over and over? Horses traditionally have been used to pull sleighs and all other sorts of vehicles, and in noisy, crowded conditions, for decades. Is it that the horses are not properly trained? Or being asked to do something they do not normally do? Perhaps… Continue reading Spooked horses cause Claus carriage wreck