Horse Treats

Meet and greet horses up for adoption at this weekend's 2 day AppyFest in Mechanicsville, Maryland.

Hello! I'm here again. This time to talk treats and horses. First of all a treat is just that, a "treat" — and meant to be given occasionally and in small amounts to your horse. Horses are individuals just like us with individual tastes. Some love super sweet treats; others are not so crazy about… Continue reading Horse Treats

Horses and fireworks

Fireworks and horses often do not go well together. Horses are flight animals, and their reaction to a sudden, loud noise is to startle and run. Add in the fact that fireworks are shot off at night when there doesn't tend to be anyone in the barn or near their enclosure to observe the horses,… Continue reading Horses and fireworks

Entrepreneurial lessons to be learned from thinking like a horse

MARCH AGAINST HORSE SLAUGHTER — We share a quick story before we resume our work here for March Against Horse Slaughter. We have a lot coming up, so stay tuned. Be ready to take part. In the meantime check this out. The story, "3 Entrepreneurial Lessons I Learned from Raising Horses" caught our attention. And… Continue reading Entrepreneurial lessons to be learned from thinking like a horse