American Herds-Walking with Sunshine (US)

This is just too juicy, and comes from our favoritest equine reporter researcher writer and defender of wild horses and burros. We tempt you with these tantalizing tidbits: By CINDY MacDONALD American Herds WALKING WITH SUNSHINE Recently, veteran journalist George Knapp jotted down a few quick thoughts about BLM’s promotion of Nevada Wild Horse &… Continue reading American Herds-Walking with Sunshine (US)

Taboo: The sterilization of an equine icon (US)

WE HAVE LONG BEEN wanting to crown Cindy MacDonald Queen of Public Lands and give her the task of preserving our American Herds (name of her great WH&B blog) forever and a day, into eternity, all happy, safe and well, being able to breed and eat and drink and just everything else horses do to… Continue reading Taboo: The sterilization of an equine icon (US)

BLM conjures up deadly data for wild horses (Nevada)

Oh, look. There's that American Herd woman Cindy MacDonald again, reporting on the obvious, unless of course you work for the BLM, then nothing makes sense, especially anything that comes out of your mouth, ever, except "we don't manage wildlife . . ." The Fund for Horses therefore nominates Cindy MacDonald as secretary of all… Continue reading BLM conjures up deadly data for wild horses (Nevada)

Our wild horses fill a valuable niche (US)

Wild horses love Craig Downer, and have appointed him as their chief science spock type officer. He put together some really smart words about them, but the BLM choose to ignore these cause they don't know what to do really but do not want anybody to help them, except to put them all to sleep… Continue reading Our wild horses fill a valuable niche (US)

Wild Horses: Ground Hog Day

Fox Lake Range Herd Management Area (HMA) in Nevada. Another wild horse capture plan is in the works, this time for the Fox Lake Range Herd Management Area (HMA) in Nevada. Last gathered in January 2005, BLM removed 370 wild horses and supposedly left 137. Yet in another Ground Hog Day moment, BLM has conducted… Continue reading Wild Horses: Ground Hog Day

Wild Horses and Burros: Capture Calendar

Prepared by AMERICAN HERDS CAPTURE CALENDAR A variety of round up proposals are looming on the horizon effecting America's wild horses and burros and we can safely say none of them bode well for America's dwindling free-roaming equines. Here is a brief summary of what's coming: Round Ups The following round ups propose to gather… Continue reading Wild Horses and Burros: Capture Calendar

Wild Horses: Pure Propaganda

By CINDY MACDONALD American Herds In their most recent issue, Quarter Horse News and Linda Hussa have conveniently published an article of astounding misinformation - just in time to try and confuse Congress and give the anti-horse camp fabricated ammo to press for continued delays in passing permanent protections for America’s horses. Click Here to… Continue reading Wild Horses: Pure Propaganda

Slaughter of gelded America’s Wild Horses suspected

By CINDY MacDONALD, American Herds weblog. It was New Mexico law enforcement agents that began investigating the selling of wild horses to slaughter in 1992. This investigation centered around the direct participation of BLM employees and contractors selling wild horses for slaughter with both the knowledge and approval of BLM managers. Their scheme involved the… Continue reading Slaughter of gelded America’s Wild Horses suspected

Wild Horses: Colorado

This from http://www.AmericanHerds.Blogspot.Com Another wild horse round up is being planned, this time for the White Mountain and Little Colorado Herd Management Areas (HMA). Spewing statistical spin of seismic proportions, the Rock Springs Field Office offers us a solid look into the fantasy world of wild horse and burro “management”. Remember the public law that… Continue reading Wild Horses: Colorado