Cohen: The ugly truth about horse racing

at Churchill Downs Wednesday, May 4, 2011, in Louisville, Ky. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

Cross-posted from The Atlantic BY ANDREW COHEN There are essentially three types of people in horse racing. There are the crooks who dangerously drug or otherwise abuse their horses, or who countenance such conduct from their agents, and who then dare the industry to come catch them. Then there are the dupes who labor under… Continue reading Cohen: The ugly truth about horse racing

Wild horse chaos, thanks to Obama

No one sums up better what happened with America's federally protected wild horses than Andrew Cohen over the past few weeks, in particular the horses sent to the slaughter auction in Fallon, Nevada this past weekend. Writing for the Political Blog of Esquire Magazine, Cohen states: It's hard to believe or describe what just happened… Continue reading Wild horse chaos, thanks to Obama

The lasso tightens around America’s wild horses

BLM Branded Mustang

With 45,000 or so wild horses in federal control, the Bureau of Land Management selects a "pro-slaughter cattlewoman" to be the public's voice on its advisory board. ANDREW COHEN writes another excellent in depth article on the destruction of America's wild horses and the lethal bureaucracy that dogs their every step. As things stand, it… Continue reading The lasso tightens around America’s wild horses

The Night Wild Horses Came to Manhattan

Cross-posted from The Atlantic Excerpts from article by ANDREW COHEN The Wild Horse Act act celebrates its 40th birthday, but only a shell of its protections for America's herds remain As near as anyone today can tell, America's wild horse herds never came anwhere close to Manhattan before they were either slaughtered or confined to… Continue reading The Night Wild Horses Came to Manhattan

On Wyoming’s Wild Horses, the BLM unambitiously responds

ON WYOMING'S WILD HORSES, THE BLM UNAMBITIOUSLY RESPONDS "The Department of the Interior defends its ongoing roundup of herds, but its response is filled with shallow arguments and misinformation", writes Andrew Cohen in yet another insightful article for The Atlantic. Cohen continues: "Here is Wyoming's pitch-pure tourism advertisement now playing on television. It's called 'Don't… Continue reading On Wyoming’s Wild Horses, the BLM unambitiously responds