Beaten, malnourished, collapsed NYC carriage horse retires to farm upstate, reportedly

THE NEW YORK POST reports: The carriage horse who collapsed on a busy Manhattan street after being flogged by his driver earlier this month is enjoying retirement on an upstate farm, a former industry rep told The Post on Tuesday. Edita Birnkrant, executive director of the animal rights group NYCLASS, angrily told The Post in… Continue reading Beaten, malnourished, collapsed NYC carriage horse retires to farm upstate, reportedly

Stampede chuckwagons return with new safety measures

Chuckwagon Race at the Calgary Stampede - deadly to horses. Photo: Metro News Canada.

So the headline states, hoping to woo people who care about horses into thinking that the Stampede chuckwagon event can be turned into something more agreeable and acceptable. Chuckwagon racing is brutal and dangerous to horses and should be banned — whether horses are killed or not. Is that what it takes — dead horses… Continue reading Stampede chuckwagons return with new safety measures

Iceland urged to ban ‘blood farms’ that extract hormone from pregnant horses

EU concern over ‘cruel’ practice of taking blood from mares to create hormone products that increase reproduction in farmed animals THE GUARDIAN NEWSPAPER | 16 May 2022 Iceland is under pressure to ban the production of a hormone extracted from pregnant horses, a practice that has been described as “cruel” and “animal abuse”.The hormone is… Continue reading Iceland urged to ban ‘blood farms’ that extract hormone from pregnant horses

The horses of “Las Luminarias”, the Festival of Fire

Every year, in the central province of Avila in Spain, locals honour San Antonio Abad (Saint Anthony). Saint Anthony is a patron saint of animals and locals celebrate him in the traditional festival of Las Luminarias. The night before the festival, dozens of locals ride horses through bonfires to honour the saint. Is this how… Continue reading The horses of “Las Luminarias”, the Festival of Fire

Carriage horse controversy swirls after fresh allegations of abuse

CBS NEWS CH.2 NEW YORK Carriage horses are again the center of controversy in New York City. Animal activists say a horse has been forced to work despite being emaciated and having open wounds. Animal activists "say" . . . ? Look at the image. As CBS2’s Thalia Perez reports, it was a war of… Continue reading Carriage horse controversy swirls after fresh allegations of abuse

Calgary Stampede chuckwagon race kills second horse

A second horse died after sustaining injuries during a chuckwagon race at the 2019 Calgary Stampede, Wednesday, July 10, 2019. Here's what local animal rights' groups said about the dead horses. "What we have to do is stop looking at horses as objects that we can look at for our viewing entertainment,” said Trev Miller,… Continue reading Calgary Stampede chuckwagon race kills second horse

State experiments with Legal Advocates for abused animals in Court

Beauty was a 'throwaway', a horse on a slaughter-bound feedlot that nobody wanted. Well, I wanted her! Image: Remembering Beauty website.

This is a good step in the right direction for animals and bad news for their abusers. Read on!

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Story from Fox

“Every state has the problem of overburdened courts that understandably prioritize human cases over animal cases in allocating resources,”

niversity of Connecticut law professor Jessica Rubin, left, and law student Taylor Hansen prepare to present arguments as animal advocates in a dog fighting case on May 30, 2017, in Superior Court in Hartford, Conn. (AP)

Many states have victim’s advocates or child advocates, people in the judicial system who represent those affected by crime or abuse. Now, one state has created legal advocates for abused animals, an experiment being watched across the nation for signs of success.

There are eight approved volunteer advocates across Connecticut — seven lawyers and a UConn law professor, working with her students. It’s up to a judge to decide whether to appoint one, but they can be requested by prosecutors or defense attorneys. In the first six months of the…

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Runaway carriage horse slams into taxi in heart of Manhattan

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 21: A carriage horse trots near Central Park on April 21, 2014 in New York City. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, a Democrat, made a campaign pledge to ban carriages in Central Park. As the horse carriage industry, which mainly takes tourists through the park, has come under criticism from animal welfare agencies, many New Yorkers are voicing their support for the horses and drivers. On Saturday animal welfare activists protested in front of actor Liam Neeson's home after he wrote a newspaper piece in support of the carriage horses. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

MANHATTAN, NYC — It is almost unbelievable the way yesterday's runaway carriage horse incident is being reported. Not so much factually as spiritually. UPDATE. March 16, 2017, 1:55 pm EST. Via PIX 11 News, New York. An out-of-control horse backpedalled in the middle of a midtown street during the Monday morning rush, authorities said. Two horses… Continue reading Runaway carriage horse slams into taxi in heart of Manhattan

Trump Administration removing animal abuse records from USDA website including soring

Tennessee Walking horse watches worriedly during horse soring inspections, part of an undercover operation by HSUS. Photo: HSUS.

The beginning of the end of animal protection and welfare under Trump warned about by many is appearing. Here are three sources on the Trump Administration's recent move to hide the records of animal abusers by removing them from the USDA website. This is supposedly being done to protect the abusers' rights as individuals. Not surprisingly… Continue reading Trump Administration removing animal abuse records from USDA website including soring

Horse abandoned at New Holland Sales had been hit with more than 100 paintballs

Lily, the "Paint Ball Horse", abandoned at New Holland auction, was rescued by Jon Stewart and his wife Tracey. She was treated at New Bolton where she had to have an eye removed, and retired to a sanctuary. Sadly, Lily died, peacefully, shortly thereafter. The owner who dumped Lily at New Holland later said the mare was not hit with paint balls but was "used as a canvass".

via YAHOO NEWS NEW HOLLAND, Pa. (AP) — Animal cruelty officials in Pennsylvania are investigating after a horse riddled with over 100 paintball remnants was found abandoned at a stable. Officials from the Lancaster County SPCA tell LNP ( they were called to New Holland Sales Stables on Monday after the mare was found in… Continue reading Horse abandoned at New Holland Sales had been hit with more than 100 paintballs