Genetic study of Arabian horses challenges some common beliefs

Arabian horse by Samantha Brooks, a UF/IFAS assistant professor of animal sciences.

by Cornell University | June 2020 A study involving Arabian horses from 12 countries found that some populations maintained a larger degree of genetic diversity and that the breed did not contribute genetically to the modern-day Thoroughbred, contrary to popular thought. An international team of scientists was led by the University of Florida's Samantha Brooks,… Continue reading Genetic study of Arabian horses challenges some common beliefs

Horses and their impact on culture ancient and modern

Cave Painting of a Horse. Click to Enlarge.

Guest Post by JENNY SHARP Since the dawning of time there has existed a unique bond between man and horse. As soon as man was able, he tamed the horse and that relationship began. As with dogs, it is perhaps these primitive, mutually beneficial connections between men and animals that have sustained the bond between… Continue reading Horses and their impact on culture ancient and modern

Patrick Swayze Scholarship established by Arabian Horse Group (US)

Cross-posted from The Horse A scholarship in honor of Patrick Swayze and his wife Lisa Niemi has been established by the Arabian Horse Foundation (AHF), based in Denver, Colo. Swayze and Niemi have had close ties to the Arabian horse breed and owned Arabian horses for many years. The Foundation is the charitable arm of… Continue reading Patrick Swayze Scholarship established by Arabian Horse Group (US)

Tribute to Patrick Swayze from ArabHorse

At the link below is a beautiful tribute to the late Patrick Swayze composed by Beth Hunziker for subscribers of the ArabHorse newsletter. Mr Swayze's relationship with his horses demonstrates what is possible when mutual love and respect are at the core of the dynamic between human and equine. In the instance of Mr Swayze's… Continue reading Tribute to Patrick Swayze from ArabHorse

Patrick Swayze dies (US)

Cross-posted from New Zealand Horse Talk The entire article reads: US actor and Arabian horse breeder Patrick Swayze lost his nearly two-year battle with pancreatic cancer today (NZ time). He was 57. As well as a career as an actor, singer, and dancer, Swayze and his wife of 37 years, Lisa Niemi, were well known… Continue reading Patrick Swayze dies (US)

Video of the Week: Abu Dhabi Horse Master

Ten years ago the Hollywood film 'The Horse Whisperer' was released, telling the story of a man with a remarkable gift for understanding horses. It was a huge box office hit. Now the Arab world may have found its own real version of that character. He is based in the United Arab Emirates, as Hashem… Continue reading Video of the Week: Abu Dhabi Horse Master