Chuckwagon Race Report

Image from chuckwagon racing in Clinton, Arkansas, 2019.

The Calgary Stampede is not the only venue conducting chuckwagon races but it is the one that garners the most attention and publicity because of the number of horses it kills and has killed over the years. Chuckwagon races are also run south of the Canadian border in the USA such as in Clinton, Arkansas… Continue reading Chuckwagon Race Report

H.R. 961 — The A States

Help us win cosponsors for H.R. 961, federal legislation banning horse slaughter. Our target: 290 cosponsors so we can bypass the Committees its in, and make a Motion to place bill on the Consensus Calendar. Please note that this is a bipartisan issue meaning it is neither a Republican nor a Democratic cause. To find… Continue reading H.R. 961 — The A States