Rally the First Lady on behalf of Mustangs at Red Rock Canyon


Hello to all of you who have rallied for wild horses in the past.

We have a unique opportunity to present our case to MICHELLE OBAMA when she speaks about her children’s exercise program at RED ROCK CANYON, TUESDAY JUNE 1, 2010.

As she enters Red Rock park about 1:45-2pm, we need to show our banners to stop the wild horse removals. It is short notice and a working day, so I am DESPERATE to have a sizeable group of people standing at the Red Rock entrance from the highway.

Can you and your friends show up at 1:30-3PM the RED ROCK MAIN ENTRANCE to smile, wave and hold our wonderful banners for Michelle to see? JUST COME AND I WILL GIVE YOU A BANNER TO HOLD. If you have a child or grandchild please bring them. Do not bring animals please.

Horse advocates had their lawsuit dismissed on a techicality so tragically the 2000+ Calico wild horses of northwest Nevada will go to holding pens in the Midwest. Their family groups have already been broken up and many are pining for lost foals and herd mates. With lowered resistance comes disease and death.

A further 10,000 horses will be rounded up across the West by October 2010 leaving possibly less than 6,000 horses in the wild on 24 million acres. This is the practice encouraged by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar of oil spill infamy.

Come out and ask Michelle to ask the President to save our wild horse legacy and with it, eco-tourism jobs for Nevada.

Anyone with questions, call or email Arlene Gawne CEL: (702) 277-1313
email: artistfromafrica@hotmail.com

Wild Horse Red Rocks April 25 Rally Report

Advocates Tell the BLM: Don’t Take My Balls

April 26, 2010

Every wild horse volunteer knows how hard it is to steal a bit of time from the demands of career and family and stand up for those wild herds that desperately need our protection. Yet 30 people showed up this fine spring morning, Sunday, April 25, 2010, in magnificent Red Rock Canyon outside Las Vegas, Nevada, in sympathy with the suffering of the approximately 1900 Calico Mountain wild horses held in the aptly named Broken Arrow facility near Fallon Nevada. Quadruple that number of people wished they could have come because last week the BLM painfully castrated all Calico stallions under 4 years of age, thereby stealing the next generation of horses – before a Federal judge could rule on a lawsuit demanding the horses be returned to their native range. So for a few hours, we became the Voices for Horses.   
We volunteers know that Red Rock Canyon is the perfect place to protest the pillaging of our wild horse heritage by Washington bureaucracies. This National Conservation Area was recently home to some of the West’s most beautiful wild horses and gentle burros – a superb example of the heritage herds that have adapted amazingly to the poorest bits of American public land left to them by faceless bureaucrats, self-centered politicians, careless cowboys, energy and mining companies, and greedy bottom-line agribusiness. We have reason to be angry.
American taxpayers are paying over $10,000 a day just to hold these captured Calico horses at the Broken Arrow holding facility. Processing that includes freeze-branding, inoculating, tagging and castration adds thousands more to that cost. BLM has denied repeated requests for observers to be present during processing and only allow public visits by reservation for two hours once a week. They must not want us to see how they spend our tax dollars; they certainly don’t want us to fire them. But we will.

We stood this Sunday and heard passersby honk, cheer and stop to sign petitions. Over and over, locals said they used to hike or ride by magnificent horses and burros, but now they only see a few burros and never see a wild horse. “Why is that?” they ask. We tell them all the reasons and ask them to vote out of office the politicians who will not force these Federal agencies to give our wild heritage herds their fair share of public lands. 

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All images by Arlene Gawne

We have an anthem for those wild stallions whose bloodlines may be lost:

Read Full Report here >>

Wild Horse Rally: Don’t Take My Balls

I’m like you. I thought, what? Does this mean what I think this means? It does. In polite horse circles it is referred to as gelding. In BLM circles it means bloody castration. In particular, the bloody castration of young males.


Las Vegans rally in sympathy with the young stallions under 4 years of age that were painfully castrated last week by the BLM at the Fallon Nevada holding pens. If the BLM wins the federal lawsuit, they will castrate all the remaining mature stallions from the Calico roundup.

We will hang bloody balls from lariats and pass petitions asking President Obama to rein in the BLM (Bureau of Land Management), an outdated agency and friend of welfare cattle on taxpayers’ public land. Poster by Melissa Ohlson.

WHERE: RED ROCK CANYON SCENIC OVERLOOK ON HIGHWAY 159, from Las Vegas Strip, go west on Charleston, past the 215 Beltway and Red Rock Canyon Entrance Gates

SUNDAY APRIL 25, 2010 from NOON to 2pm
WHY: Castration wipes out the gene pool of Mustangs that have unique bloodlines adapted to their specific area.

See pictures below of some of the castrated horses, taken by Craig C. Downer last week.

Click to enlarge.

BACKGROUND: In January 2010, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) conducted a deadly roundup of 1922 wild horses from the CALICO MOUNTAINS COMPLEX in northwestern Nevada, despite a federal lawsuit underway to stop the roundups and the recommendation of the federal judge that BLM should NOT conduct a roundup in the dead of winter. The Calico horses were not starving and had not damaged the public range, meanwhile the BLM sharply increased the number of private cattle allowed to graze at subsidized cost on the horses’ range. Stress and trauma lie behind the majority of the 86 wild horse deaths (to date) and 40 spontaneous abortions, a report issued by the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign (AWHPC) concludes. AWHPC notes the expense of the Calico roundup which will cost taxpayers at least $1.3 million through April, and $1 million a year to warehouse the non-adoptable horses over their 20+ year lifespans. This costly policy, which relies on expensive roundups every four years, is pursued while cost-effective, on-the-range management strategies are ignored.


Arlene Gawne
Phone: (702) 277-1313


For those of you planning to do a follow up rally in your city, Arlene will be happy to send you RALLY IN A BOX instructions next week.


Alarm at BLM’s surprise start to castrate Calico Mustangs as death toll rises

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Roundup Schedule (Updated February 2010):

Las Vegas wild horse protest roundup


With much hard work and determination, wild horse advocates were able to get four up close encounters with President Obama in his motorcade. Each time, they were holding different versions of the awesome banners that Arlene has produced and they are certain that Obama and his aides saw them and registered the message.

Yesterday, Gina Griesen of Nevada Voters for Animals and her daughter held banners as the Obama motorcade entered a housing development where the president was attending a $39,000 a plate fundraising dinner. Gina and her daughter stayed late and also caught the motorcade on its way out.

Today Arlene, Craig Downer, Elyse Gardner and a few others tracked Obama around Las Vegas catching up with the motorcade twice. On at least one of these occasions, they were in close proximity to the president’s limo, which was traveling very slowly and they could see him look straight at them holding their mustang freedom banners. They have also done numerous media interviews over these past few days. These folks have worked really hard this week to bring the plight of wild horses to the President’s attention!

Full report at The Cloud Foundation blog here >>


Did you support the Las Vegas wild horse and burro roundup protest with your phone calls, faxes and emails?

It is not too late. It does not matter if you are late to the issue. What matter is you get — and stay — involved.

We need to keep the wild horse and burro roundups on the White House radar until they the President calls for a moratorium on all roundups and orders an investigation into BLM practices.

To date the Calico roundup in northern Nevada has resulted in the deaths of more than 80 wild horses and counting, among them mares aborting their foals, and young foals literally run off their hooves.

But only the BLM know what is going on in the Fallon holding pens, as the public are not allowed access to view the processing of the Mustangs captured from the Calico Complex area.

Call the President: 202 456 1111
Fax the President: 202 456 4651

Email the President at http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact

Thank you everyone.

Carol Poole
iFH Wild Horse & Burro Team