Rally the First Lady on behalf of Mustangs at Red Rock Canyon

Written by ARLENE GAWNE Hello to all of you who have rallied for wild horses in the past. We have a unique opportunity to present our case to MICHELLE OBAMA when she speaks about her children's exercise program at RED ROCK CANYON, TUESDAY JUNE 1, 2010. As she enters Red Rock park about 1:45-2pm, we… Continue reading Rally the First Lady on behalf of Mustangs at Red Rock Canyon

Wild Horse Red Rocks April 25 Rally Report

Advocates Tell the BLM: Don't Take My Balls Written by ARLENE GAWNE April 26, 2010 Every wild horse volunteer knows how hard it is to steal a bit of time from the demands of career and family and stand up for those wild herds that desperately need our protection. Yet 30 people showed up this fine spring morning, Sunday, April 25, 2010, in… Continue reading Wild Horse Red Rocks April 25 Rally Report

Wild Horse Rally: Don’t Take My Balls

I'm like you. I thought, what? Does this mean what I think this means? It does. In polite horse circles it is referred to as gelding. In BLM circles it means bloody castration. In particular, the bloody castration of young males. PRESS RELEASE Las Vegans rally in sympathy with the young stallions under 4 years… Continue reading Wild Horse Rally: Don’t Take My Balls

Las Vegas wild horse protest roundup

THE CLOUD FOUNDATION REPORT FEB 18, 2010 LAS VEGAS WILD HORSE & BURRO PROTEST With much hard work and determination, wild horse advocates were able to get four up close encounters with President Obama in his motorcade. Each time, they were holding different versions of the awesome banners that Arlene has produced and they are… Continue reading Las Vegas wild horse protest roundup