A Mustang murder mystery in northern Nevada

Wild Horses Nevada. Andy Barron / AP Photo.

WILD HORSES NEVADA (Warning: Graphic Image) — On May 10, 2017, Tuesday's Horse received an email from the Professor and Chair of the Geological and Environmental Sciences Department of a California University stating he was leading a student field trip in Northumberland Canyon south of Austin, Nevada the previous weekend and they discovered the following:… Continue reading A Mustang murder mystery in northern Nevada

Asmussen slaughter mares rescued

It seems inconceivable that a member of a prominent horse racing family that includes a celebrated jockey and trainer does not know when he is sending horses to an auction frequented by buyers for a slaughter plant. However, that is what Keith Asmussen, father of retired international jockey Cash Asmussen and noted American Thoroughbred racehorse… Continue reading Asmussen slaughter mares rescued

Burros to deliver Petition to Governor Rick Perry

Tomorrow, 1/18/2011, the Wild Burro Protection League and Red Horse Nation will be herding burros to Austin to deliver more than 100,000 signatures to Governor Rick Perry. The signatures are part of a Change.org petition demanding that the Presidential hopeful stop his administration’s wild burro slaughter in Texas’ Big Bend Ranch State Park. The campaign… Continue reading Burros to deliver Petition to Governor Rick Perry