Trapping Pryor Mountain wild horses no quick task

Wild Horse Bait Trap. Lovell Chronicle image.

BRETT FRENCH reporting for the Billings Gazette writes: For the most part, it’s been no problem for Bureau of Land Management officials to trap wild horses in the Pryor Mountains this summer. All they have to do is spread out a little horse kibble — hay, pellets and mineral licks — and wait for the… Continue reading Trapping Pryor Mountain wild horses no quick task

BLM bait trap Cloud’s herd

Cloud the Stallion watches over his territory. The Cloud Foundation.

This is beyond disgusting, made even more so because -- like all of the other BLM roundups -- they are unnecessary. Men in the white hats indeed, playing cowboy. What a despicable way to make a living. To be proud of it is even more shameful. The Associated Press reports: POWELL, Wyo. — Cloud, the… Continue reading BLM bait trap Cloud’s herd