Baffert fighting 90 day suspension

Sorry, but we just cannot seem to get rid of Bob Baffert, even for a little while. Predictably, Baffert is fighting to have his recent 90-day suspension set aside. It is “destroying his business.” Poor thing. Horse Racing Nation reports, “Trainer Bob Baffert and his legal team requested an injunction in Franklin Circuit Court on… Continue reading Baffert fighting 90 day suspension

4-yr old filly disappoints Santa Anita by dying

Santa Anita Entry Gate. By David McNew. Getty Images.

It heinous that racehorse deaths are continuously glossed over, and glossed over they are. It is almost equally heinous that local news outlets are reporting that racehorses are being killed, but occasionally not as many, so we should applaud horse racing for that. The unmitigated gall. CBS Los Angeles writes: QUOTE A 4-year-old filly died… Continue reading 4-yr old filly disappoints Santa Anita by dying

Is ending horse racing within our power?

Racehorse in red hood. The Horse magazine online.

In an article entitled "My Turn: It's not all mint juleps and fancy hats", for the May 5, 2021 Opinion Column of the Concord Monitor, Emily Murphy writes: Ending horse racing is within our power. Look to greyhound racing for proof of that. Only three states now have greyhound tracks. After a long awareness campaign… Continue reading Is ending horse racing within our power?