Kill chuckwagon racing

by VIVIAN FARRELL I don't think anyone can argue with the fact that Canada's Calgary Stampede chuckwagon race is deadly to horses.  Can chuckwagon racing be made safer? I don't think so. As with any type of competition where speed is central to winning, speed kills. Here you are asking half a ton of animal… Continue reading Kill chuckwagon racing

NYC Mayor failing carriage horses yet again

We don't know about you but we are more than fed up with New York City Mayor deBlasio. DeBlasio initially ran on a ticket that included helping the City's miserably treated carriages horses, then sold the horses out the moment he was elected. He has huffed and puffed about it since then, but in actuality… Continue reading NYC Mayor failing carriage horses yet again

Too hot to trot and more

(CARRIAGE HORSES) The carriage horse industry is a cruel and insidious business resulting in long term abuse, injury and even death to the horses used. Carriage horse workers routinely claim they need no rules because they can self rule, that their horses are treated right, or that agreed on protective measures are already in place… Continue reading Too hot to trot and more