Meatless Monday. Where’s the beef?

Meatless Monday poster.

CROSS-POSTED from Written by DAVID SIROTA (Aug. 4, 2012) -- To understand how utterly broken our society is, how hostile to sacrifice we are and how willfully ignorant we have become, you need only look at the historic drought hammering the heartland — and how our elected officials are responding to that cataclysm. As… Continue reading Meatless Monday. Where’s the beef?

Ag man shuns horse meat in France (US)

By VIVIAN GRANT Ag man and proud carnivore, Steve Cornett, travelled to France recently and promised to report back to the Agriculture industry just how tasty our horses are. Here's how Cornett starts his post on The only horse meat we’ve found in Paris was good. Succulent, in fact. Trouble is, Cornett did not… Continue reading Ag man shuns horse meat in France (US)