Gus the lucky buck-less bucker (US)

Submitted by Mary D. Martin - MA Rep/Director NEER New England Equine Rescue HIS SCARS AND BROKEN FACE make it painfully obvious he endured years of abuse. The running style brand on his shoulder suggests a stint with a rodeo outfit. No one will ever know for sure. All we really know is that he… Continue reading Gus the lucky buck-less bucker (US)

Rescue Me: New England Equine Rescue

by CHASTITY WEESE for Tuesday's Horse NEW ENGLAND EQUINE RESCUES (NEER) is a growing 501 (c) (3) federally recognized non profit organization. NEER networks with horse people all over the New England region. They are dedicated to helping horses and horse rescues in many different ways. NEER's founder Beth Hill Ross explains, “There is no… Continue reading Rescue Me: New England Equine Rescue