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West Texas State Park that shot burros sends 11 horses to slaughter

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    Julie Caramante, a lifelong equine welfare advocate, has kept a close eye on the horse slaughter industry. Following a tip off, Caramante investigated the sale of horses by Big Bend Ranch State Park to known killer buyer Ruben Brito.

    Among the documents she obtained is the following email exchange:

    “Have you been able to determine if we can move forward with this process of culling the horse herd at BBRSP?” wrote Dierdre Hisler, Region 1 State Parks Director.

    “I don’t recall receiving an answer (could be lost in my e-mails) to my question about sell pricing,” Sholly responded. “Are we willing to take canner prices for our horses? Is that all they are worth? No blood lines? No high potential for more than dog food?”

    Hisler responded that the horses “are not of QUALITY,” and Sholly okayed the sale for $.25 per pound.

    Kevin Good, an assistant to the TPWD director explains the need to cull the horses this way.

    “As horses do sometimes, they made baby horses,” he said. “The herd got to a size where it had to be reduced.”

    Guess they never heard of gelding.

    Burro shot and killed during Big Bend Ranch State Park cull. Google image.
    Burro shot and killed during Big Bend Ranch State Park cull. Google image.

    Big Bend Ranch State Park stirred up a storm of controversy earlier this year by shooting burros as part of a cull.

    “First the park shoots the burros and now sends the horses directly to a killer,” writes Caramante in an email. “Guess they don’t like anything equine.”

    Source: Dallas Observer Blog, Unfair Park; by Eric Nicholson; Aug. 21, 2012.