The handicapping champion with a million dollar heart

Horses at the starting gate. Photo credit: RennettStowe

by BILL FINLEY Cross-posted from ESPN Commentary When Michael Beychok won the $1 million first prize in the National Handicapping Championship he never forgot about the filly who made it all possible. The horse that put him over the top is named Glorious Dancer, who came through for Beychok in an $8,000 maiden claimer at… Continue reading The handicapping champion with a million dollar heart

How to fix the Triple Crown? Get rid of the drugs

Cross-posted from ESPN Written by BILL FINLEY The Derby and Preakness winners are skipping the final leg of the Triple Crown and the Belmont is, to be kind, a bit of a dud. So, here we go again -- the hand-wringers say we need to fix the Triple Crown. Sorry, but it's not the Triple… Continue reading How to fix the Triple Crown? Get rid of the drugs

Not drugging racehorses downright un-American

Bill Finley is one of my favorite horse racing writers. As you will see from his wonderfully sarky article below for ESPN, he "gets it." Monday, June 2, 2008 Un-American -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- By Bill Finley Special to Ah, those poor naïve Japanese. A horse named Casino Drive has come here from the Far East to… Continue reading Not drugging racehorses downright un-American