H.R. 961 has a companion bill — S. 2006

On June 27, 2019, Sen. Robert Mendenez [D-NJ] introduced a companion bill to H.R.961 (The SAFE Act of 2019) to the United States Senate — S.2006 — entitled The John Stringer Rainey Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act. The new bill has 3 originating cosponsors: Sen. Lindsey Graham[R-SC], Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse [D-RI], and Sen. Susan… Continue reading H.R. 961 has a companion bill — S. 2006

H.R. 1754 — The Horse Racing Integrity Act

UPDATE: The Horse Fund opposes H.R. 1754. Read why here » On March 24, 2019, Rep. Paul Tonka (D-NY-20) introduced The Horse Racing Integrity Act, H.R. 1754. The goal of the bill is: To improve the integrity and safety of horseracing by requiring a uniform anti-doping and medication control program to be developed and enforced… Continue reading H.R. 1754 — The Horse Racing Integrity Act

SB 139 passes the Kentucky State House Ag Committee 15-0-0

Horse in profile silhouetted against a night sky. Unattributed Google search image.

FRANKFORT, KY — Despite the news about the existence of SB139 going viral with people all across Kentucky contacting the State Legislature opposing the measure, this morning the bill passed out of the State Agricultural Committee unanimously with a vote count of 15-0-0. SB139 endangers what protections horses currently have in Kentucky against cruelty and… Continue reading SB 139 passes the Kentucky State House Ag Committee 15-0-0