Blind Outer Banks horse Amadeo dies age 40

Amadeo, a blind horse that roamed the beach for decades on North Carolina’s Outer Banks died last Friday. He was 40.

Amadeo, a 40-year-old blind mustang, who ran wild on the Outer Banks for more than 20 years and was “king of the beach,” died the Corolla Wild Horse Fund said on Facebook on Sunday.

Man saves wild horse, then his eyesight

Cross-posted from Comcast News at via the Associated Press (Selected excerpts) MANHATTAN, Kan. (AP) -- November 22, 2010 "Levi wasn't supposed to come home," Miller said. "But knowing he was blind and hoping it was reversible, I couldn't be a hypocrite and turn him back and get another one. The whole idea was to… Continue reading Man saves wild horse, then his eyesight