Racing: New KY medication rules

Syringe. Horse. Image by Anne Eberhard.

THE BLOODHORSE reports: With new equine medication rules expected to go into effect the evening of Aug. 25, the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission has been working to get the word out about the expected new policies. KHRC equine medical director Bruce Howard said he has reached out to Kentucky horsemen and vets, as well as… Continue reading Racing: New KY medication rules

Foals, mares, and active stallions all decline in 2019

Newly born Thoroughbred foal. Photo: Anne M. Eberhardt/The Horse.

US HORSE RACING "The number of 2019 foals is tracking 3.6% lower at 20,363, compared with a year ago." The Bloodhorse reports: The Jockey Club reported Oct. 3 that 1,630 stallions covered 32,508 mares in North America during 2018, according to statistics compiled through Sept. 26, 2019. These breedings have resulted in 20,363 live foals… Continue reading Foals, mares, and active stallions all decline in 2019