Advocacy group wants protection for Alberta’s wild horses

SUNDRE — Bob Henderson’s love affair with wild horses began almost 50 years ago and he’s become a passionate advocate for the ponies that roam the Rocky Mountain foothills of west-central Alberta. “I was in the woods and this black stallion comes charging through the trees at me. He snorted and blew — and that… Continue reading Advocacy group wants protection for Alberta’s wild horses

Record 216 wild horses captured this year in Alberta

Alberta Wild Horses. Image by Henrick Nilsson.

Cross-posted from the Calgary Herald Written by STEPHANE MASSINON A record number of wild horses were captured in Alberta this year — a sevenfold increase from the average — and many are slaughtered for their meat, said the president of the Wild Horses of Alberta Society. Alberta allows for the humane capture of wild horses,… Continue reading Record 216 wild horses captured this year in Alberta

Canadian Wild Horses at center of controversy

Cross-posted from Written by Christa Lesté-Lasserre A Canadian logging company wants the number of free-roaming horses in Alberta reduced, but a Canadian wild horse advocacy group argues that the company's complaints against the horses are unfounded. Sundre Forest Products' spokesperson Tom Daniels said the herds have grown too numerous for the area, are destroying… Continue reading Canadian Wild Horses at center of controversy

Alberta’s controversial wild horses

Cross-posted from Global Edmonton 16:9 WRITTEN BY CAROLYN JAVIS, GAIA WILLIS-OWEN Wild horses still roam free in Alberta’s foothills. Small herds of hardy survivors, their coats still shaggy against the winter elements – they are a picturesque reminder of Canada’s Wild West past. These horses seem like a natural fit out west, but not everyone… Continue reading Alberta’s controversial wild horses

Wild horse deaths still a mystery (CAN)

Cross-posted from Red Deer Advocate It’s baffling that no one has come forward with tips on who is killing the wild horses of the West Country despite a $21,000 reward for information, says Wild Horses of Alberta Society president Bob Henderson. “It’s totally surprising. Nobody is saying anything. No information,” said Henderson, a former police… Continue reading Wild horse deaths still a mystery (CAN)