Her Majesty’s life with horses celebrated by Horse & Hound

» Horse & Hound UK | Special Collectors' Edition | Buy It Online » by Eleanor Jones Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s life with horses is celebrated in a special collectors’ edition of Horse & Hound. From the tiny princess’s first experience of the “satiny softness” of her father King George VI’s racehorses to the Fell pony… Continue reading Her Majesty’s life with horses celebrated by Horse & Hound

Britain’s whip rules examined by HWB

British jockeys stand in the paddock holding their whips. Image by David Davies/PA.

The Guardian reports: Stronger penalties for misuse of the whip appear to be a certainty by the autumn, following the initial report of the new Horse Welfare Board (HWB, published on Thursday. While the board had much to say on other topics, including racing’s responsibilities to its horses and the need for a code of… Continue reading Britain’s whip rules examined by HWB