BLM Director Makes More Empty Promises

Here's is what Brooke Boone of MyNews4 Reno reports: Controversy has been swirling around how the Bureau of Land Management rounds up wild horses. It's partly stemming from video and pictures of helicopters buzzing horses. The BLM found no wrong-doing over a controversial incident near Ely. But, it seems they are looking to change their… Continue reading BLM Director Makes More Empty Promises

Horror of wild horse roundups comes into focus

Cross-posted from Equine Advocacy Examiner Written by MAUREEN HARMONAY Bad things are happening to the wild horses who are being chased and run ragged during the Antelope Complex roundup currently being conducted by the BLM in Nevada's Great Basin. And now, thanks to photojournalist advocates Laura Leigh and Deniz Bolbol, the horror is beginning to… Continue reading Horror of wild horse roundups comes into focus