US Supreme Court ruling ends Bush era BLM grazing regulations

The U.S. Supreme Court Ends the George W. Bush Era Bureau of Land Management Grazing Regulations Once and For All By JON MARVEL, Executive Director, Western Watersheds Project (Oct 3, 2011) -- Today the United States Supreme Court denied consideration of an appeal by the Public Lands Council of prior federal court decisions overturning Bureau… Continue reading US Supreme Court ruling ends Bush era BLM grazing regulations

A Solution for America’s Wild Horse Crisis?

Cross-posted from VF Daily Written by KURT BRUNGARDT The future of America’s wild horses, or mustangs, is at a critical crossroads. Under the administration of President Obama, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has continued the aggressive roundup, removal, and relocation of wild horses from public lands, prompting advocates to call the new administration the… Continue reading A Solution for America’s Wild Horse Crisis?