The horsemeat scandal and American horses

Meat in grinder. By Danielle Scott.

Do you remember the horse meat scandal of 2013? I don't think saying it sent shockwaves around the world is much of an overstatement. Horsemeat masquerading as beef! But should it have been, really? Accurate and reliable food labeling has long, long been a problem in many countries. Findus was front and center of many… Continue reading The horsemeat scandal and American horses

Open letter to CFIA re slaughter from Canadian Horse Defence Coalition

TO: Dr. Brian Evans, Chief Food Safety and Veterinary Officer for Canada Dr. Martin Appelt, Manager Meat Programs Dr. Gord Doonan, CFIA Senior Staff Veterinarian Dear Dr. Evans, Dr. Appelt and Dr. Doonan: Regarding recently released video evidence of failed stunning attempts on horses at Les Viandes de la Petite-Nation Inc., the following media quote… Continue reading Open letter to CFIA re slaughter from Canadian Horse Defence Coalition