Canadian entertainer joins CHDC to end flights of live horses to Japan to be killed for their meat

Blobal News Image. Horses await live ship to Japan to be slaughtered for gourmet meals.

CANADIANS ONLY PLEASESIGN THE LIVE HORSE EXPORT IS HORSESHIT PETITION Dana Gee, reporting for the Vancouver Sun, writes: If you have been following singer/actor/author Jann Arden on social media, you’ve probably seen a picture of her wearing a #HORSESHIT T-shirt. That sartorial statement could, of course, apply to any number of things — especially during these COVID times. But, in this… Continue reading Canadian entertainer joins CHDC to end flights of live horses to Japan to be killed for their meat

March Against Horse Slaughter 2020

Black horse portrait.

Hello there. Did you think we had forgotten about March Against Horse Slaughter? We haven't. We've just been incredibly busy. Some of us are just plain worn out and need re-energizing for the "big push". Stay with us. We have a lot coming up including a brand new, international citizens' action campaign aimed at ending… Continue reading March Against Horse Slaughter 2020

Premarin in China campaign

PMU Farm in Xinyuan County, China (2012).

We made the following response to a comment on our Premarin 2019 Timeline and thought it might be worthwhile sharing with everyone as a post. We have altered it slightly to make the content clearer for this format. Working as the Int’l Fund for Horses we are launching a social media campaign in Chinese and… Continue reading Premarin in China campaign

Boycott Santa Anita — Bet Elsewhere

Well, there it is. Our Twitter message. Everyone on Twitter, please retweet this message. We are of course targeting the horse racing gambling fraternity. While gambling goes on at the racetrack the highest percentage of bets are placed online. We are being as clever as we know how. Weigh in with your suggestions. But most… Continue reading Boycott Santa Anita — Bet Elsewhere

Boycott betting on Santa Anita races — Twitter campaign

The legal market handle on horse racing in the United States in 2018 was $11.26 billion while experts predict the illegal sports betting market could be anywhere from $80 billion to $150 billion annually. On horse racing alone. Let's see if we can put a bit of a dent in Santa Anita's handle (we'll talk… Continue reading Boycott betting on Santa Anita races — Twitter campaign

Horse Fund launches “What civilization owes the horse” t-shirt campaign

Bonfire Horses and Civilization T-Shirt Campaign.

Updated 11/06/2016 RELAUNCHED CAMPAIGN! ENDS TUESDAY DECEMBER 6TH "The history of mankind is carried on the back of a horse." We have long been inspired by this quote and have turned it into a t-shirt campaign to raise awareness about the relevance to mankind of the domestication of the horse. Nigel Tallis of the British… Continue reading Horse Fund launches “What civilization owes the horse” t-shirt campaign

NYC Mayor unmoved by Daily News’ save the carriage horse industry signatures

This newspaper is simply unbelievable. Here is an example for educational institutions teaching journalism to use on how not to do it. BY Erin Durkin , Erik Badia , Stephen Rex Brown The Daily News delivered five sacks of petitions to City Hall on Wednesday. It was the largest petition drop in de Blasio’s administration… Continue reading NYC Mayor unmoved by Daily News’ save the carriage horse industry signatures