CHDC calls Canadians to action on horse slaughter Bill C-544

A BILL TO BAN HORSE SLAUGHTER IN CANADA >> Americans can help too! What you can do to help! Written by SINIKKA CROSLAND Background On June 16, 2010, NDP Agriculture Critic MP Alex Atamanenko tabled (introduced) Private Members Bill C-544 that would effectively shut down the slaughter of horses in Canada for human consumption. Bill… Continue reading CHDC calls Canadians to action on horse slaughter Bill C-544

CFIA Chief Veterinary Officer responds on CHDC horse slaughter investigation

The following is the full text of a letter written by DR. BRIAN EVANS, Executive Vice President and Chief Veterinary Officer of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. "May 3, 2010 I am writing in response to your correspondence to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) regarding the report on the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's website,… Continue reading CFIA Chief Veterinary Officer responds on CHDC horse slaughter investigation

Rescue Me: Charlie Finds an Angel (CAN)

By VIVIAN GRANT I was exchanging emails with Shelley Grainger of the Canadian Horse Defense Coalition, and asked if she would like to write a guest feature article for Tuesday's Horse. I know the CHDC are busy working on the horse slaughter issue in Canada, and it is important we keep up with and cheer… Continue reading Rescue Me: Charlie Finds an Angel (CAN)

Happy Birthday Sinikka!

The Int'l Fund for Horses family wishes a vibrant and happy birthday to the irrepressible SINIKKA CROSLAND. ABOUT SINIKKA Sinikka Crosland, a registered nurse who took early retirement in order to work for the welfare of animals, was born in Vancouver, B.C., on this day. By age four, she had discovered the irresistible magnetism of… Continue reading Happy Birthday Sinikka!

Activists work to end horse slaughter (Canada)

In an article written by Mary Vallis for the National Post entitled "Horse lobby presses for slaughter ban," Vallis tells us: The once-booming business of killing horses in the United States died last year after court cases effectively shut down the country's last three abattoirs. Thousands of unwanted horses are now crossing the border into… Continue reading Activists work to end horse slaughter (Canada)

Bo Derek launches Canadian campaign against horse meat

VANCOUVER, Canada (AFP) — Veteran American actress, horse lover and onetime Playboy model Bo Derek launched a campaign Monday to stop horses from being slaughtered for meat in Canada. Activists say a new ban on horse meat in all US states has led to animals from that country being sold at American auctions, then trucked… Continue reading Bo Derek launches Canadian campaign against horse meat

BC Horse Council report on slaughter

The following report was made by the Horse Council of British Columbia, Canada in response to the numerous articles exposing the increase and cruelty of horse slaughter taking place there. You will see that this Horse Council, just like the horse councils this side of the border, are pro horse slaughter. September 19, 2007 -… Continue reading BC Horse Council report on slaughter

Attention Horse Defenders Canada!

This just in from the Canadian Horse Defense Coalition: Abolish Horse Slaughter Canada has been launched. We have created a mail group that will enable horse defenders from around the world to share their information and strategies as we fight to achieve an end to equine slaughter in Canada. Go to: You will need… Continue reading Attention Horse Defenders Canada!