Is the captive bolt a humane death for horses?

Captive bolt placement demonstrated on a sedated horse's head. This was a demonstration only. The horse was not killed.

Is using a captive bolt to kill a horse just as humane, or perhaps more humane, than say killing a horse with chemicals — or chemical euthanization? This issue is at the forefront yet again because a horse rescue is reportedly killing unadoptable horses with the captive bolt and incinerating their remains (the "horse rescue").… Continue reading Is the captive bolt a humane death for horses?

Way Back: Horses, the captive bolt and Humane Slaughter Act

Paper published in 2005 at the Fund for Horses original site, USE OF THE 'PENETRATING CAPTIVE BOLT' AS A MEANS OF RENDERING EQUINES INSENSIBLE FOR SLAUGHTER VIOLATES ‘THE HUMANE SLAUGHTER ACT OF 1958’ by ELLEN CATHERINE NASH Manes and Tails Organization I. The Humane Slaughter Act of 1958 The Humane Slaughter Act ("HAS"), was… Continue reading Way Back: Horses, the captive bolt and Humane Slaughter Act

Call on AVMA to oppose horse slaughter

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) is reviewing and updating its Guidelines on Euthanasia. There is little doubt here at Tuesday's Horse that this is motivated, at least in part, by the bill pending before Congress banning the transport of horses to slaughter that would protect America's horses from this cruel and terrifying death, not… Continue reading Call on AVMA to oppose horse slaughter