NZ trainer busted for tubing and administering the deadly drug formalin

Sam Sherwood, reporting for STUFF, writes: Details of a secret sting that caught disgraced harness racing trainer Jesse Alford injecting two horses with a prohibited substance have emerged at a hearing where integrity officials called for him to be banned from the sport for nine years. On February 25 they caught him red-handed as he injected two… Continue reading NZ trainer busted for tubing and administering the deadly drug formalin

Premarin Horses Year in Review 2016

PMU Farm in Xinyuan County, China (2012).

Premarin horses (or PMU horses) are the mares and foals cruelly exploited to produce the Premarin® family of drugs made for the relief of menopausal symptoms in women. The key component of these drugs comes from the estrogen rich urine collected from pregnant mares on what are commonly called "pee lines" in the industry. PMU… Continue reading Premarin Horses Year in Review 2016

Tweet for PMU Horses

Do you have a Twitter account? Would you like to tweet to help Premarin horses? IDEAS — Find a women's health center or hospital and tweet our Dr Physician letter to them. — Tweet our Dear Pfizer letter to Pfizer. In the U.S. @Pfizer. In Canada @PfizerCA. TIPS Please do not include anything… Continue reading Tweet for PMU Horses

US Food and Drug Administration petitioned over horse meat safety

Package of horse meat, Switzerland, likely full of yummy cancerous toxins.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is being petitioned to prevent former companion, working and competition horses from entering the human food chain. Front Range Equine Rescue and The Humane Society of the United States say the FDA does not adequately regulate what they describe as potentially toxic meat from these sources. Their petition… Continue reading US Food and Drug Administration petitioned over horse meat safety

Pfizer’s love affair with carcinogens continues with Aprela®

Belgian Cross by Leslie Town

UPDATE: Aprela approved by the FDA during last federal government shutdown under the name Duavee. Written by JANE ALLIN Pfizer’s recent announcement to seek U.S. regulatory approval for their combined menopausal-osteoporosis drug Aprela® is nothing short of an appalling money grab and a ruse to defer negative focus from their controversial hormone-replacement therapies – Prempro®… Continue reading Pfizer’s love affair with carcinogens continues with Aprela®