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PMU Farm in Xinyuan County, China (2012).

We made the following response to a comment on our Premarin 2019 Timeline and thought it might be worthwhile sharing with everyone as a post. We have altered it slightly to make the content clearer for this format.

Working as the Int’l Fund for Horses we are launching a social media campaign in Chinese and English in China. We originally thought that might not work. How many mature Chinese women are on social media?

Then we found out that most Chinese females 40 and under have learned to read and write English. So that’s why we will send our social media messages in both English and Chinese. That will reach the younger women who have English who can alert their female elders; and the 40+ women who do not have English.

We are also lucky because we have been able to get images of some of the Chinese versions of Premarin type drugs. This will help enormously on social media such as Twitter which relies heavily on visuals to catch attention.

The hugely disappointing part is that it appears the Chinese were either given, or have stolen/recreated Pfizer’s “recipe” for Premarin drugs and are manufacturing it themselves. Those drugs will be harder to identify but we have contacts who are trying to help us with that too.

The side effects will eventually show up making women question the use of these drugs.

Additionally, we have a British contact living and working in Hong Kong who is creating dual language posters warning of the dangers of these drugs listing them in their various Chinese names. We will try them out on bus shelters and train station platforms to start with. We have always had good outreach numbers at these type locations in other countries.


If you have ideas to share, or would like to help especially on social media such as Twitter, please use our contact form to get in touch with us.

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Report Premarin® ads on behalf of women and horses

Trio of Rescued Premarin Foals. Photo: Vivian Grant Farrell

PREMSTOPPERS — Premarin® is made from the estrogen rich urine of pregnant mares. The World Health Organization listed the conjugated equine estrogens (CEE) made from pregnant mare’s urine as a known carcinogen.

Numerous class action lawsuits filed by women over the years in the U.S. and Canada point to the cancer causing properties of CEE drugs. There are many examples of these types of lawsuits. Here is one.

In an article entitled, “Cancer linked to menopause drug in new report“, it states “In 2014, Pfizer, which in 2009 acquired Wyeth, has paid $1.7 billion to settle nearly all of the 10,000 hormone replacement therapy claims against the drug manufacturer. Pfizer said it makes no admission of liability in the American settlements”.

In the meantime, the USDA allowed Pfizer at some point during all of this to package their line of CEE drugs such as Premarin® with the wording “conjugated estrogens” in place of “conjugated equine estrogens”.

Premarin® sample package with words
Premarin® sample package with words “conjugated estrogens”. From

Unbelievably this labeling fools even some doctors who are either in denial or merely pretending to be for the perks they receive for prescribing it.

Putting a stop to Premarin® ads is one way we can act on behalf of women and horses.

The Ads — Premarin® Cream

Most of the ads you currently see are for Premarin® Cream.

Premarin Cream® ads appear most often in magazines like Oprah, Good Housekeeping and Ladies Home Journal. We have contacted Oprah magazine many times and the ad disappears only to reappear. Oprah supposedly has and loves horses and is dedicated to women’s issues. So Oprah’s advertising of Premarin® does not add up, does it?

Premarin® Cream ads also appear on television and on YouTube as you will see below. You will also see them  in those quick advertising spots before the YouTube video you selected begins.

Take a look at this. There are more reasons not to take it, than to take it. Published on YouTube by David O’Neill.

LouisePatti commented on this video, “My dearest, most beautiful cousin, Debi, who was less than a year younger than I was died of cancer from taking some prescription hormonal cream. The last time I saw her she told me what had caused the cancer. I had just been prescribed this a few days earlier. She looked young and healthy the last time I saw her, but 2 months later, she had passed away. She might have saved my life, and God willing, she will help many others.”

The abuse and death of horses does not come into it of course. And yes, there are alternatives to Premarin®.

Take Action

It’s simple. Be our eyes and ears. When you see an ad for any Premarin® type product let us know using this special Contact Form and we will take it from there. You may want to take a quick look at it so you can see the type of information we need.

Share this page personally and publicly far and wide.

Thank you!

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Trio of Premarin® foals rescued from Canada. Photo: Vivian Grant Farrell.

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