Put carriage horses out to pasture

OPINION | New York Daily News | Aug. 3, 2022 by ROBERT HOLDENListen to the article here » A few weeks ago, a Central Park carriage horse named Billy dropped dead from colic in his stable, after being forced to work during a heat wave. Four weeks ago, a carriage horse named Freddy bolted into oncoming traffic across Fifth… Continue reading Put carriage horses out to pasture

Horse hurt in carriage collision in downtown Palm Springs

Cross-posted from The Desert Sun Report by KATE McGINTY PALM SPRINGS, CA (Oct. 4, 2010) -- Rosie the Horse clopped along in downtown Palm Springs late Saturday, pulling a carriage of passengers behind her. Then, in a blur of events that were still unclear Sunday, she or her carriage were hit by a car. The… Continue reading Horse hurt in carriage collision in downtown Palm Springs