Patsy talks popsicles

It's summer. Hot and sticky in our hemisphere. Houston is a veritable steam bath! But then . . . . you know. How about something totally cool then — like popsicles? Yessss! I love popsicles, don't you? I especially love making popsicles. Vegan ones. Naturally! Recipes We have loads of vegan popsicle recipes here on… Continue reading Patsy talks popsicles

Banana Chai Smoothie Parfait recipe by I Love Vegan

ADVOCATE FROM YOUR PLATE — It is so hot. We are so busy, talking, talking ... talking! And we haven't had a vegan recipe here for ages. Boy do we need something cool and refreshing and tasty. And here it is. How about you? Banana Chai Smoothie Parfait A deliciously frosty, naturally sweetened, and lightly… Continue reading Banana Chai Smoothie Parfait recipe by I Love Vegan