Rescue Me: HorseNet Horse Rescue (Md)

By: CHASTITY WEESE Edited by: Felicia Ford Meet Elle Williams, the Executive Director of HorseNet Horse Rescue. Elle’s goal for her horse rescue organization is to provide a safety net for horses and give them a home they can always return to. Elle started her rescue for the precise reason of seeing too many good… Continue reading Rescue Me: HorseNet Horse Rescue (Md)

Rescue Me: New England Equine Rescue

by CHASTITY WEESE for Tuesday's Horse NEW ENGLAND EQUINE RESCUES (NEER) is a growing 501 (c) (3) federally recognized non profit organization. NEER networks with horse people all over the New England region. They are dedicated to helping horses and horse rescues in many different ways. NEER's founder Beth Hill Ross explains, “There is no… Continue reading Rescue Me: New England Equine Rescue

Rescue Me: Crosswinds Equine Rescue

It was with great pleasure I learned about Crosswinds Equine Rescue (CWER), a wonderful horse welfare organization located in Illinois. This rescue is well put together and has been a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit for 5 years. AnnMarie Cross is the president of CWER, and I have really enjoyed getting to know more about this special… Continue reading Rescue Me: Crosswinds Equine Rescue