Brownie Bombs by Chocolate Covered Katie

Brownie Bombs by Chocolate Covered Katie.

Hey there my great friends at Tuesday's Horse and The Horse Fund. You are either going to love me or hate me for bringing this chocolate sensation that's easy to make in a food processor, only 4 ingredients, vegan, keto, no bake, and as Chocolate Covered Katie says, "super impossible to stop eating!" My daughter… Continue reading Brownie Bombs by Chocolate Covered Katie

Sweet things

Hey there, I have some really sweet things for you sweet things this week. I pulled them off Instagram, which you can easily view on your phone, and your laptop too! My daughter eats this endlessly. It is yummy for sure. Carrot cake baked oatmeal Vegan Richa Wait till you get a load of… Continue reading Sweet things

Coconut Cake and Chocolatey Brownies

On my stars, look at this! This cake is so gorgeous and tasty. I nearly fainted. I am making it again for the weekend. Thought I would run by Tuesday's Horse and drop it off for you to try too. Ela says: I used a combination of rice flour and oat flour, however, I am… Continue reading Coconut Cake and Chocolatey Brownies

20 easy vegan recipes to inspire you

Fall is just around the corner and the time of year when I love baking most of all, well before the holiday season. How about you? I hit the www for some inspiration and found 20 Easy, Vegan Recipes to Inspire You & Your Family, from guess who, One Green Planet. No, I am not… Continue reading 20 easy vegan recipes to inspire you

Prince Williams’ No Bake Groom’s Cake Recipe Veganized

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their wedding day. Photographer unknown.

You may be wondering what on earth I am doing posting a veganized recipe for Prince Williams' Groom's Cake after all this time. First of all, it is a no bake and I am really into no bakes at the moment. Secondly, it is made with dark chocolate (which is naturally vegan) and rich tea… Continue reading Prince Williams’ No Bake Groom’s Cake Recipe Veganized

Vegan chocolate pots by Jamie Oliver

Ingredients (Note: Conversions in square brackets calculated via and rounded off. I'm no good at this so got myself a scale). 200 g [7 oz] dairy-free dark chocolate (at least 75% cocoa solids) 700 g [24 oz] silken tofu 160 g [5.5 oz] maple syrup 1 lime (for zesting) 1 tablespoon vanilla bean paste… Continue reading Vegan chocolate pots by Jamie Oliver