Road to slaughter in Canada re-opens for US horses

Trailered Slaughter Horse. Google image.

While the reasons given are many and varied for Canadian slaughter plants rejecting U.S. horses last Friday that came suddenly and with no warning, today the road to slaughter re-opened. Clearly the slaughter of U.S. horses for human consumption will continue in Canada and Mexico where thousands are killed for their meat each week. On… Continue reading Road to slaughter in Canada re-opens for US horses

Alberta horse slaughterhouse probed by RCMP

Hidden camera video also prompts food inspection agency investigation Cross-posted from the CBC A slaughterhouse in Fort Macleod, Alta., owned by a Calgary company is under investigation by the RCMP over allegations that it has been killing horses inhumanely at its facility. Police opened the file after the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition made a complaint… Continue reading Alberta horse slaughterhouse probed by RCMP