Wild horses need our voices; Cloud call to action

Galloping wild horse herd. (Stock Photo)


Please join The Cloud Foundation with us. Call your U.S. Senators using the following script. If no one answers, please leave a voicemail.


1. Hello, my name is ____________ and I live in _______________. My phone # is ______________. (Give all that info upfront for simplicity)

2. I am asking Senator _____________ to vote AGAINST funding the Dept. of Interior Appropriations Bill, Fiscal Year 2020, which includes the Livestock Lobby/ASPCA/HSUS plan to remove over 100,000 wild horses and burros from public lands in the next 10 yrs. Our wild herds are protected by federal law and should be managed ON THE RANGE, not warehoused at tax-payer expense.

3. Again my name is ______________________, from ____(town)______. Thank you for the opportunity to weigh in.

 *  *  *  *

Find your Senator’s phone number here: https://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm

Not sure who your senators are? Find here: https://whoismyrepresentative.com


The disastrous “management” plan that calls for the removal of over 100,000 wild horses and burros from the range over the next decade will soon be up for Senate approval in the Fiscal Year 2020 Interior spending bill.

If you’re unfamiliar with the plan, The Cloud Foundation responded in depth to the proposing organizations. Read it here.

Urgent Alert! Devil’s Garden wild horses need you

Cloud the Stallion watches over his territory. The Cloud Foundation.

Cloud the Stallion watches over his territory. The Cloud Foundation.


Devil’s Garden Horses and Adopters need your help!

Dear friends,

Nearly 1,000 Devil’s Garden wild horses captured in October’s round up are in danger of being sold for slaughter. Despite public opposition and California law, which makes it a felony to sell wild horses to slaughter, the Forest Service may get away with this heinous act.

To compound this tragedy, to date the Forest Service has destroyed 6 horses rounded up from Modoc National Forest after they showed signs of Pigeon Fever. While we know this is a curable illness that does not warrant death, the fact remains that it is a communicable disease – transmittable to adopters’ own livestock.

Despite deeming it serious enough to kill 6 animals, the Forest Service plans to move ahead with adoptions starting Nov 16. Action is needed urgently!

Due to a 3-4 week incubation period during which animals may appear asymptomatic – and lack of quarantine in the holding corrals, there is no way to know how many of the 962 horses rounded up may be affected or how many potential adopters’ animals will be at risk.

Your voice is needed to protect these vulnerable animals!

What you can do to help

Please speak out on behalf of the wild horses and domestic animals at risk if this adoption goes forward. Just a few minutes of your time will make a huge difference!

US Department of Agriculture
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services Veterinary Services (VS)
Toll free: 1-877-741-3690

California Department of Food and Agriculture
Animal Health and Food Safety Services, Animal Health Branch
Email: ahbfeedback@cdfa.ca.gov

CA Attorney General Xavier Becerra
Email: xavier.becerra@doj.ca.gov

Sample message:

The Forest Service MUST halt the Nov 16th adoption of horses in the Double Devil Corrals in Alturas, California. It is public knowledge that 6 horses from this herd have been destroyed after showing signs of Pidgeon Fever. This is a communicable disease that is easily transmitted to adopters’ animals. That the Forest Service would pursue this course of action after deeming the illness so grave as to warrant death is gross negligence and could result not only in public outrage but in potential lawsuits. Moving forward with this event would be inexcusable, as the Forest Service is knowingly putting the public and their livestock at risk of harm.

Act now to protect these animals

America’s wild horses are federally protected species and yet, they are in danger of being sold to slaughter by the truckload if the Forest Service is allowed to proceed.

We need your help to keep these American icons safe. We ask for just a few minutes of your time to speak on their behalf.

Thank you!

Equine groups sue BLM over planned sterilization project of wild mares

Mustang Mare and Foal. Unaccredited Google search result image.
Mustang Mare and Foal. Unaccredited Google search result image.

(CNN, By Ellie Kaufman, Sept 25, 2018) — Nonprofit organizations are taking to the courts to try to stop an Interior Department project that would sterilize up to 100 wild female horses in Oregon through a procedure the groups deem “dangerous” and “inhumane.”

Front Range Equine Rescue, a nonprofit organization that works to stop cruelty and abuse of horses, filed a federal lawsuit in Washington D.C. challenging the Interior Department Bureau of Land Management’s project on September 24. The group claims that the project violates a number of laws, including the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act and the National Environmental Policy Act.

The American Wild Horse Campaign and the Cloud Foundation, along with two individuals, filed a separate federal lawsuit in Oregon on September 21 claiming the government project violates the First Amendment because it does not allow outside groups to adequately observe the proposed experiment. It also believes the project violates the same laws Front Range Equine Rescue argues in their suit.

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Act Now — Ask OSU to Reject Wild Mare Sterilization

It seems impossible that the clear egregious mutilation and abuse of federally protected wild horses by a federal government agency is allowed to happen. And now the BLM are involving a University to aiding and abet their crimes. Where is President Obama? Where is anyone in the U.S. House and Senate? They are absolutely useless. And all of this paid for with taxpayer dollars. —Ed.


The BLM plans to conduct life-threatening experiments this spring to sterilize mares (both pregnant and open) as well as fillies as young as 8 months of age. The first proposed research project is expected to be announced with a Finding of No Significant Impact later this week. The agency will use this “population suppression research” (BLM’s own term) as a model for sterilizing wild horses and burros both in corrals and on the range.

The first sterilization experiments on 225 mares and fillies now housed at BLM’s short-term corrals in Hines, Oregon will be conducted in partnership with Oregon State University. The surgeries would be overseen by OSU’s Veterinary School.

Acting now could persuade OSU to back out of participation in these misguided procedures.

On April 10 Steve Clark, the university’s VP for community relations, stated in response to letters of complaint that OSU has “not determined whether we will proceed with this research.” The University’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee will meet this week to decide on the matter.

Timing is critical. Please write letters in your own words and make calls to the University using the emails and telephone numbers listed below.

You may want to touch on the following points:

— Conducting sterilization surgeries in a non-sterile environment on wild mares that include pregnant mustangs and fillies is inhumane. It contradicts University policy of only engaging in humane and safe research involving animals.

— The proposed experiments will terrify the wild mares and place them at risk of permanent injury or death. The pre-operative and post-operative procedures proposed do not comply with acceptable veterinary standards of care.

— According to the BLM’s own environmental assessment, many may abort; more than a few will die during the “research” process.

— Even if OSU veterinarians only oversee, not conduct the surgeries, they and the University would be forever associated in the public eye with these cruel, life-threatening and unwarranted procedures.

— The results of this research will be used by the BLM as a template for sterilizing wild horses on the range and in holding corrals, threatening the survival of wild herds, the majority of which are already below the population levels required for genetic viability.

— This research will not help address the current issue of population management. Instead it further delays use of PZP, a reversible fertility control vaccine that does not alter herd structure or the hormonal balance of wild horses. PZP was recommended by the National Academies of Science as a well-proven methodology—unlike surgical sterilization.

— Our wild horses are national treasures, protected by law against killing or abuse. They are not laboratory objects for trial and error experiments. OSU should reconsider its involvement in research which endangers the lives of wild horses and puts their existence as a species in danger.


Direct letters to:
OSU Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee:
Tel. 541.737.2762

Copies (and calls) to:
Edward J. Ray, President, Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331-2155
Tel. 541.737.4133

V.P. for Relations and Marketing:
Steven Clark
634 Kerr Administration Building
Corvallis, OR 97331-2155
steve.clark@oregonstate.edu Tel. 541.737.4875

Dean of the Veterinary College: susan.tornquist@oregonstate.edu Tel. 541-737-6943

The Board of Trustees: trustees@oregonstate.edu

V.P. for Research: cynthia.sagers@oregonstate.edu Tel. 541 737-6943


(Read comments of TCF Veterinarian Advisor, Don Moore DVM, regarding Mare Sterilization.)


All content including image via The Cloud Foundation.