The Vegan 8 Vanilla Cupcakes

Vegan 8 Vanilla Cupcakes by Brandi Doming.

My most favourite vegan chef is Richa Hingle, known to the world as Vegan Richa. Hot on her heels is another tremendous vegan chef, Brandi Doming, or The Vegan 8 (the 8 representing that her recipes contain 8 ingredients or less). I discovered The Vegan 8 on Instagram and fell in love with Doming's baked… Continue reading The Vegan 8 Vanilla Cupcakes

Vegan Non Dairy Drink Recipes for the Holidays

Christmas Eggnog

How about some vegan drink recipes? Oh, yes. These drinks are non-dairy therefore vegan, and delicious. Quick and easy too. You probably have these spices already in your cupboard or on your shopping list. Let's go! We have two yummy recipes: one cold, one hot. • VEGAN EGGNOG Ingredients: 2 cups non dairy milk —… Continue reading Vegan Non Dairy Drink Recipes for the Holidays