Foto Friday: Hobbyhorse Revolution

Hobbyhorse Revolution. Click to check out the documentary. Documentary teaser below.
Hobbyhorse Revolution. Click to check out the documentary. Documentary teaser below.

EQUESTRIAN SPORT — John Wilkinson reporting for the Horse Network writes:

“Unlike other equestrian endeavors, this discipline does not require a sizable investment of money and time, and the safety risks are minimal. In fact, it does not even require an actual horse.

“Turns out, all you need is a stick…and a dream. Welcome to the world of competitive hobbyhorsing.

“Not only is this not a joke, as the Wall-Street Journal recently discovered, it’s a serious sport with more than 10,000 active competitors in Finland alone.”

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What do you think? We love it. Coming to a gym near you?

High-end horses: The ultimate jet setters

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(CNN)When the world’s best athletes travel they receive first class treatment from expedited security to special meals to extra legroom. The same is true for the four-legged world of top show jumping horses.

With major horse show competitions in Shanghai, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Los Angeles, and Palm Beach and the Olympics in Rio, these horses may have more frequent flier miles than many people.

Horses on this international circuit can cost as much as $10 million dollars and their health and safety is of utmost importance, as well as to arrive at the next horse show rested and ready to go for the blue ribbon.

Soaring across a six foot fence is one thing — soaring across an ocean is another.

Door to door

Special horse charter companies provide stall door to stall door service, picking the horse up at its home barn and transporting it in a specially air conditioned van to the airport, in the US most likely Miami or New York.

Their horse passport and health certificate are checked, and a vet will make sure they are fit for travel.

In the animal version of a VIP lounge they are kept comfortable until ready to board, then put in a special traveling stall which has good ventilation, a vibration-minimizing floor to keep those four legs from getting stressed and space to see the other horses.

These stalls are raised on a lift on the tarmac to be put in the cargo hold where special flight attendants or professional flying grooms ensure their comfort. Pilots even fly a special low ascent and descent to minimize the trajectory angle and are particularly keen to avoid bad weather.

First class, business, or coach translates into a stall which is divided for only one, two or three horses, and prices to fly from the US to Europe are usually in the $10,000 range each way.

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Swiss and German Quarter Horse Associations raise the age for competition

AMT Equestrian Services posted the following to Facebook:

Fantastic news for the welfare of horses coming out of Switzerland and Germany yet again!

Their respective Quarter Horse associations have resolved to prohibit 3 year old horses from ridden competitions and futurities as of March 2016.

Horses must be at least 4 years old before they are permitted to compete under saddle. The article states this is following a global trend and questions being raised about horse welfare.

They also resolved that 4 year old and older horses can be ridden 2 handed in a snaffle or hackamore (I assume this means there is no longer a mandatory age to show in a bridle).

Well done Europe!! Come on rest of the world!