Who eats the most horse meat?

Ground horse meat. Source: TheTakeout.com.

Horse meat consumption was written about in 2017 more than any other in recent times. Trends have changed very little since then. One article in particular caught our attention. It's by Brandon Gaille. Gaille starts out with, "Although horse meat consumption is actually illegal in some countries, most notably the United States, it is a… Continue reading Who eats the most horse meat?

Talking points about horse slaughter

It isn't right to assume that everyone has heard about horse slaughter and why it exists. We have been working against it for so many years, we sometimes forget that. So let's look at some talking points about the slaughter of horses for human consumption, with particular ones relevant to H.R.961/S.2006 (the "SAFE Act of… Continue reading Talking points about horse slaughter