Will you help stop horse slaughter?

Horses held in a pen awaiting export for slaughter to Mexico. Photo by Kathy Milani for HSUS.

H.R. 961, a bill pending in the nation's capitol, that will ban horse slaughter and export for slaughter, has 190 cosponsors. In order to take advantage of the Consensus Calendar rule[1], we need 290 cosponsors. That's 100 more. Will you help our horses get those critical cosponsors?  Using the Consensus Calendar rule is how the horse… Continue reading Will you help stop horse slaughter?

Please continue calling the U.S. House to end horse slaughter

WASHINGTON, D.C. (by Vivian Farrell) — The atmosphere was highly charged in the U.S. House Appropriations Committee meeting when it came time to vote on whether or not to continue defunding horse meat inspections. The House Committee voted the measure out of the Appropriations Bill 27-25 potentially opening the door for horse slaughter to return… Continue reading Please continue calling the U.S. House to end horse slaughter