Young wild horse found without family, rescued from Outer Banks beach

THE VIRGINIAN PILOT reports: The Corolla Wild Horse Fund has rescued a foal from the wild after he was found struggling without his family. At the end of February, the group learned that Brio, a horse born last summer, seemed to be alone. “While he was understandably calling for his mother and the other horses,… Continue reading Young wild horse found without family, rescued from Outer Banks beach

Blind Outer Banks horse Amadeo dies age 40

Amadeo, a blind horse that roamed the beach for decades on North Carolina’s Outer Banks died last Friday. He was 40.

Amadeo, a 40-year-old blind mustang, who ran wild on the Outer Banks for more than 20 years and was “king of the beach,” died the Corolla Wild Horse Fund said on Facebook on Sunday.

Groups to conduct Corolla wild horse tours

Cross-posted from By JEFF HAMPTON | The Virginian-Pilot | © February 21, 2010 For the first time, tours to see the Corolla wild horses this summer must have permits, include a guide and must have signs on the vehicles. Last week, two applicants, including the nonprofit that oversees the herd of about 110 wild… Continue reading Groups to conduct Corolla wild horse tours

Government types and eggheads to study the Corollas

By JADEDMARE OH LOOK, another wild horse study, this time to see if maybe government horse thieves can say that the famous Corollas are tearing down forests, scaring the birds, or dominating the beaches and terrifying the tourists. Studies means only one thing for wild horses. Find a reason to kidnap and kill them. WSOC… Continue reading Government types and eggheads to study the Corollas

Help Wild Horses (NC)

By KAREN H. McCALPIN | Corolla Wild Horse Fund | 15 Sept 2008 On April 16th I formally requested that the Currituck Outer Banks Wild Horse Management Plan be changed from a maximum of 60 horses to a minimum of 110. The request was made in relation to a recent genetic study that indicated high… Continue reading Help Wild Horses (NC)