US horse slaughter export numbers for 2001-2021

Here is an updated list of the number of American horses sent for slaughter in Canada and Mexico to include 2021 and according to country. From 2001 to 2021, the US sent more than 1.6 million of its horses across its borders to be killed for their meat. Horse Slaughter Export Numbers 2001—2021 YearUS to… Continue reading US horse slaughter export numbers for 2001-2021

Ban toxic horse meat

Beauty was a 'throwaway', a horse on a slaughter-bound feedlot that nobody wanted. Well, I wanted her! Image: Remembering Beauty website.

MARCH AGAINST HORSE SLAUGHTER — All sorts of sources are being suggested in connection with the current virus scare. Did you see this? PETA is being mocked and ridiculed by social media users after implying that eating meat may cause coronavirus. The aggressive animal rights organization made the shocking suggestion on Twitter last week, writing: 'Carnivorous is… Continue reading Ban toxic horse meat