Wild horse unchained: rescue sealed with a kiss

Wild horse freed from chains seems to say thanks with a kiss. Animal Channel.

BY ASHLEY BREWER | ANIMAL CHANNEL It’s not often that you see wild horses anymore. Sadly, not many of them still exist today and face extinction or total loss of habitat due to humans and suburban expansion. And the wild horses around the Danube Delta in Romania and Ukraine are, unfortunately, all too familiar with… Continue reading Wild horse unchained: rescue sealed with a kiss

Romanian Police to stop horse slaughter trucks

The Associated Press reports: BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) Police in Romania said Friday they will stop trucks transporting 50 wild horses to slaughter as part of an investigation into a case that has outraged animal protection groups. Authorities in eastern Romania ordered the slaughter, saying the abandoned horses are destroying the Letea forest in the Danube… Continue reading Romanian Police to stop horse slaughter trucks