Runaway carriage horse dead in Charleston SC

Charleston's Live 5 News image of Ervin the carriage who ran away, injured and later euthanized.

Local ABC News Station Ch. 4 Charleston reports: CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) — Charleston city officials confirmed they are investigating a video appearing to show a runaway horse trotting with an empty carriage downtown. Old South Carriage Company said the horse later passed away after sustaining injuries during the incident. In the video, provided by Charleston Carriage… Continue reading Runaway carriage horse dead in Charleston SC

Arrogate euthanized after suffering from undetermined illness

Thoroughbred racehorse Arrogate dead at age 7.

Update: Other racing nations are reporting that Arrogate died of a "mystery illness". Interesting choice of words. Arrogate was worked on for four days in an attempt to keep him alive for breeding purposes. This after he had won his connections a record $17,422,600. THE THOROUGHBRED DAILY NEWS (May 2, 2020) — ARROGATE (Unbridled’s Song–Bubbler,… Continue reading Arrogate euthanized after suffering from undetermined illness

Boycott Santa Anita — Bet Elsewhere

Well, there it is. Our Twitter message. Everyone on Twitter, please retweet this message. We are of course targeting the horse racing gambling fraternity. While gambling goes on at the racetrack the highest percentage of bets are placed online. We are being as clever as we know how. Weigh in with your suggestions. But most… Continue reading Boycott Santa Anita — Bet Elsewhere

The slow and merciless death of American horse racing

BY VIVIAN FARRELL "She [Eight Belles] ran with the heart of a locomotive, on champagne-glass ankles." Blaming the breeders and investors, sports writer Sally Jenkins claimed, "thoroughbred racing is in a moral crisis, and everyone now knows it." "Our horses are sick. Our thoroughbreds are thoroughly inbred. They are locomotives sitting atop toothpicks. They are… Continue reading The slow and merciless death of American horse racing

NTRA’s unbelievable response to HBO’s report on horse racing

We didn't expect horse racing to respond to HBO's hard hitting segment on horse racing. We figured they would just lay low for a good long while, until they figured people had forgotten about it. That's what they usually do. But they have responded, in a manner of speaking, via Alex Waldrop. What a gift!… Continue reading NTRA’s unbelievable response to HBO’s report on horse racing

HBO questions the survival of horse racing in lieu of fatalities

By VIVIAN FARRELL How I wish horse racing in the U.S. would die. I doubt it will. But tracks are closing all the time. It's already being predicted by some racing insiders that the three Triple Crown races might be all that survive. Before I go any further, let me assure the reader that I… Continue reading HBO questions the survival of horse racing in lieu of fatalities

Racing kills Money Makin Mike at Santa Anita

John Henry statue at Santa Anita Race Park. Unattributed image.

We occasionally spotlight Patrick Battuello's posts on Tuesday's Horse to highlight the murder and mayhem that is horseracing in the US, hopeful that you will follow and take part by sharing far and wide on social media. Social media sharing is the modern era way of spreading the word. We encourage you to please… Continue reading Racing kills Money Makin Mike at Santa Anita

When a “scratched” racehorse is actually dead

Laurel Leaves with the text THE RACING DEAD in the center. Artwork by Vivian Grant Farrell for Tuesday's Horse.

Cross-posted from Horse Racing Wrongs by PATRICK BATTUELLO It's hard to say how many fatal paddock fractures and "sudden cardiac events" occur just prior to scheduled races, for these deaths are typically buried as mere "vet scratches" on the official race charts. Sometimes, though, insight comes from other sources, sources like California's publicly-posted stewards minutes.… Continue reading When a “scratched” racehorse is actually dead