NYC Mayor failing carriage horses yet again

We don't know about you but we are more than fed up with New York City Mayor deBlasio. DeBlasio initially ran on a ticket that included helping the City's miserably treated carriages horses, then sold the horses out the moment he was elected. He has huffed and puffed about it since then, but in actuality… Continue reading NYC Mayor failing carriage horses yet again

A New Course for New York City’s Carriage Horses

A horse is led down the ramp at the West Side Stables in New York City. (Amy Pearl/WNYC)

Reported by Daniel Simmons / » Mayor Bill de Blasio announced last week his team is working on a bill to reduce by over 80 percent the number of horse carriage operators in Central Park and move the stables at which horses are lodged to inside the park, a shift from previous efforts that… Continue reading A New Course for New York City’s Carriage Horses