70 Best Vegan Recipes by GH

70 Vegan Recipes So Good, You'll Forget About Meat and Cheese Good Housekeeping writes: Whether you’re trying to eat less meat, pack your meals with the healthiest vegetables, or go completely meat and dairy-free, the idea of making vegan recipes can be seriously daunting. Struggling to find veggie inspo? Meet our favorite vegan recipes, full… Continue reading 70 Best Vegan Recipes by GH

Vegan Mango Lassi Popsicles

These vegan mango lassi popsicles make the perfect healthy and refreshing treat for summer! They take less than 10 minutes to prepare and only use 5 ingredients! Serve them at a party and everyone will be asking for the recipe. Recipe by Choosing Chia Ingredients 2 mangos1/2 cup orange juicejuice of 1 lime1 cup plain coconut yogurt (can substitute coconut cream… Continue reading Vegan Mango Lassi Popsicles

Perfect Vegan Dinner — Mushroom Stroganoff by Bret Cobley

Bret Cobley states: "This is my incredible vegan mushroom stroganoff recipe! Its a tangy delicious dish full of flavour. Check out @epivegan on instagram for more inspiration." It is indeed tangy and delicious, and very rich in flavour. The richest we have ever come across. Luxuriously so. Yummmmm! We feel certain you will love it.… Continue reading Perfect Vegan Dinner — Mushroom Stroganoff by Bret Cobley

The secret recipe for plant based vegan burgers

Chef David Lee, Planta

Ha ha ha. Ho ho ho. How was your Christmas? Told you I would have something special for you this week. Here it is. Another super cool video, this time on one of the great American staples:  how to make the most delicious vegan burgers ever with Chef David Lee. DUDE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l75ixsh-wjI Isn't that making… Continue reading The secret recipe for plant based vegan burgers

Shaved watermelon . . . Yes!

Round watermelon with slices. USDA.

Hello there everybody. Happy Labor Day. How about something totally cool and so, so fresh? You've got to do this before summer is over. I didn't have any chocolate chips but had some fresh mint. Oooh la la. Shaved Watermelon with Dark Chocolate Chips https://www.instagram.com/p/B137Y17BVzp/?igshid=6a5oy1fodb38 Vegan Watermelon Granitas Not a melon baller? Ha ha ha… Continue reading Shaved watermelon . . . Yes!