Golden Horses

The Akhal Tekes, which originate from desert areas around Turkmenistan, are known as the “Golden Horses” and thought to be one of the oldest horse breeds in the world. Their coats have a metallic sheen due to a particular genetic characteristic whereby their hair follicles are hollow, thereby reflecting the light. Their conformation is distinctly… Continue reading Golden Horses

Hobby horsing

We at the Fund for Horses have become slightly obsessed with hobby horsing. When we first heard about it, quite a few years ago now, we thought oh well that's a crazy youth thing they do in Finland and it probably won't take off anywhere else. Wrong! Let's learn more about it. You can do… Continue reading Hobby horsing

Silver medal winning Olympic horse seized

Dutch rider Gerco Schroder heads toward an Olympic silver medal aboad London. © 2012 Ken Braddick/

Well, we know that three gold medal winning dressage horses at the 2012 Olympics in London are for sale, reasons unknown except perhaps they have accomplished all they were set out to do. Now a silver medal winning show jumper named London finds himself in a spot of bother along with some other horses belonging… Continue reading Silver medal winning Olympic horse seized

Horse Horse TV: 2012 Olympic Dressage Finals

Horse Horse TV Snapshot

It's Monday, and I know we are serious horse advocates here and all, but who doesn't want to start the week off with a laugh if we can. Now, here is my idea of dressage. Notice the natural head and neck carriage. No horse horse was harmed in the making of this video. However, beware… Continue reading Horse Horse TV: 2012 Olympic Dressage Finals

Olympic champion horses up for sale

Charlotte Du Jardin Valegro and Valegro. AP Photo.

We haven't said much about the Olympics, but here's how fast people can turn horses around once they are done with them. Yep. Harsh words. And it would be unfair not to mention that it is typical of horses' lives that they changes hands a few and often many times. But, boy, was that quick.… Continue reading Olympic champion horses up for sale

Memo from Rafalca: Can’t a horse prance in peace?

RAFALCA by Markus Schreiber AP.

Memo to those making hay out of my human employers: Hay is for horses, and we all do what we need to do Cross-posted from BY RAFALCA Dear Humans, Let me start by apologizing for any typos, I’m writing this on a touch screen and my stable is rather dark. It has come to… Continue reading Memo from Rafalca: Can’t a horse prance in peace?