Upper west siders in NYC speak out about carriage horses

Following the collapse of carriage horse Ryder in Midtown Manhattan this past August, a poll by The Animal Legal Defense Fund and Voters for Animal Rights showed that 71% of New York City voters support a ban on horse-drawn carriages. The New York Times reported that Ryder’s collapse “reignited calls from residents, celebrities and politicians… Continue reading Upper west siders in NYC speak out about carriage horses

NYC carriage horses: will they stay or will they go?

SOURCE: THE CHIEF LEADER » THE reinvigorated discussion about the famed horse-carriage rides in Central Park took shape in recent weeks following incidents, some captured on video, of horses collapsing and running into oncoming traffic. Among those who want to phase out the horse-drawn rides is Council Member Robert Holden, who introduced a bill that… Continue reading NYC carriage horses: will they stay or will they go?

Carriage horse found dead in his stall during record heat in NYC

Since the following report by One Green Planet, nothing has been done to help; no one in power (namely, elected officials) to help or intercede on behalf NYC's carriage horses. It is business as usual for this immoral and unconscionably corrupt business. We are taking names so New Yorkers can vote these slackers O U… Continue reading Carriage horse found dead in his stall during record heat in NYC

Put carriage horses out to pasture

OPINION | New York Daily News | Aug. 3, 2022 by ROBERT HOLDENListen to the article here » A few weeks ago, a Central Park carriage horse named Billy dropped dead from colic in his stable, after being forced to work during a heat wave. Four weeks ago, a carriage horse named Freddy bolted into oncoming traffic across Fifth… Continue reading Put carriage horses out to pasture

Atlanta split on future of horse drawn carriages

New legislation awaits by David Huddleston, WSB-TV Ch. 2 Atlanta » Atlanta City Council member Keisha Waites There is a new push to ban horse-drawn carriages in the city of Atlanta. Channel 2′s Dave Huddleston was in downtown Atlanta on Friday night, where an animal rights group said the heat is one reason the animals… Continue reading Atlanta split on future of horse drawn carriages

Will downed NYC carriage horse video bring an end to the trade?

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 21: A carriage horse trots near Central Park on April 21, 2014 in New York City. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, a Democrat, made a campaign pledge to ban carriages in Central Park. As the horse carriage industry, which mainly takes tourists through the park, has come under criticism from animal welfare agencies, many New Yorkers are voicing their support for the horses and drivers. On Saturday animal welfare activists protested in front of actor Liam Neeson's home after he wrote a newspaper piece in support of the carriage horses. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

No. But we know what will. We are not banking on what happened to a carriage horse recently in NYC bringing an end to the trade — and all the misery, abuse and mayhem that goes with it. It is just another "final straw" in a trail of so many final straws. Can no one… Continue reading Will downed NYC carriage horse video bring an end to the trade?

Janet White Op-Ed on Philly carriage horses

Permission to Post Granted PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER | JAN 2, 2022 Horses do not belong on 21st-century city streets. Seems like a no-brainer, but in actuality, many 2,000-pound horses weave through busy Philadelphia traffic every day, to the peril of themselves and all the pedestrians, motorists, and cyclists surrounding them. Horse-drawn carriages were historically the prime… Continue reading Janet White Op-Ed on Philly carriage horses

NYC carriage horse badly injured in accident

What will it take for the city of New York to get on board with the idea of doing away with the carriage horse trade there? There was recent news of yet another accident. "A carriage horse in New York City had a terrible accident during their first time pulling a carriage. The operator lost control after… Continue reading NYC carriage horse badly injured in accident

Electricity: The solution to freeing horses from pulling tourist carriages?

Updated 5 Aug 7:45 am. Mexico may be the leader in eliminating the cruel horse drawn carriage trade in our part of the world. How have they done it? With e-carriages, carriages powered by electricity. Electric carriages are not a novelty. E-carriages have taken off in countries large and small, and in major cities and… Continue reading Electricity: The solution to freeing horses from pulling tourist carriages?