Soring hurts more than Tennessee Walking Horses

Cruel Practice Damages Entire Equine Industry's Image Branding is not just for public figures or businesses. We all have a brand. What we say and do, how we appear to others, what people remember about us, identifies us and is our own personal brand. Committing cruelty against animals can brand a person, an industry and… Continue reading Soring hurts more than Tennessee Walking Horses

PAST Act: Horse vote ‘inevitable’ says Whitfield

Cross-posted from The Chattanoogan BY ROY EXUM Rep. Ed Whitfield (R-Ky), the primary sponsor of a broad bill that will greatly hamper those who abuse and torture Tennessee Walking Horses, has told a reporter for the Gannett News Service he believes the pending legislation now has “unstoppable momentum” and that a vote seems “inevitable.” Whitfield… Continue reading PAST Act: Horse vote ‘inevitable’ says Whitfield

Presley seeks to revoke Walking Horse contest trophy

Cross-posted from USA Today WRITTEN BY HEIDI HALL The Tennessean There won't be a Graceland Challenge Trophy at the nation's premier walking horse competition next year after its donor, Priscilla Presley, decided to take it back after three decades. Presley said she didn't know the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration still awarded the trophy, given… Continue reading Presley seeks to revoke Walking Horse contest trophy

Whitfield, Cohen introduce bill to strengthen laws against horse soring

Tennessee Walking Horse inspected by USDA at National Celebration. Image by John Partipilo/The Tennessean.

PAUL C. BARTON, writing for The Tennessean Washington Bureau reports: Two House members introduced legislation Thursday to strengthen laws against soring of Tennessee Walking Horses, but supporters warned that the bill would not be easy to pass. Whitfield and Cohen [U.S. Reps. Ed Whitfield, R-KY, and Steve Cohen, D-TN] announced the bill at a Capitol… Continue reading Whitfield, Cohen introduce bill to strengthen laws against horse soring

Anti race horse doping legislation to be introduced

Let the hand wringing and mud slinging begin. Paul Moran writing for ESPN states: "When, on March 28, both the incoming and outgoing chairs of the Association of Racing Commissioners International called for a five-year plan to eliminate race-day medication, a possible watershed moment was presented to racing in the United States," officials of the… Continue reading Anti race horse doping legislation to be introduced

Congressional study looks at drug abuse, injuries in horse racing

It is difficult to know where to start when looking at the problems facing horse racing. However, it is clear that denial is right at the very core of the problem. The solution of setting up a central regulatory body with some real power and inclination to reform and restore some integrity to the sport… Continue reading Congressional study looks at drug abuse, injuries in horse racing

Whitfields battle Thayer over horse racing industry

This reported by ABC TV Affiliate WHAS11, Louisville, Kentucky: ----- Allegations of showboating and conflict of interest were aimed at Kentucky republican Congressman Ed Whitfield and his wife and the charges came from a fellow Kentucky republican. It all happened at a meeting at the Kentucky council that’s studying steroids and other drugs in horse… Continue reading Whitfields battle Thayer over horse racing industry

Testing Thoroughbreds

Federal committee hears testing of Thoroughbred athletes No, this is not about testing Thoroughbreds to see if they can read or write, or know who the President of the United States is. This is about testing Thoroughbred race horses for drugs such as steroids. Tuesday's Horse meant to report on the Congressional hearing on the… Continue reading Testing Thoroughbreds