Foto Friday: Hobbyhorse Revolution

EQUESTRIAN SPORT — John Wilkinson reporting for the Horse Network writes: "Unlike other equestrian endeavors, this discipline does not require a sizable investment of money and time, and the safety risks are minimal. In fact, it does not even require an actual horse. "Turns out, all you need is a stick…and a dream. Welcome to… Continue reading Foto Friday: Hobbyhorse Revolution

Foto Friday: Equestrian Events at the Rio Olympics

Looking at some of these images makes me feel very uneasy for these horses. (Click Images to Enlarge). See Petition at end.   CHANGE.ORG PETITION We call for a complete ban of crank nosebands and double reins! Noseband and double reins are too restrictive for horses and should be banned by equestrian sports. The stricter… Continue reading Foto Friday: Equestrian Events at the Rio Olympics